And on we go

As we round the corner into the final stretch of 2013, I’m grateful for the last twelve months that have just whipped by. ¬†And here’s why…

It’s been a year of BIG ‘firsts’ for me: our first child (son) was born in April, I stepped into the world of self-publishing (putting the first book of my trilogy out into the world in August), I joined – and was subsequently [electronically] embraced by an amazing global, indie author community, and we just recently enjoyed our first Christmas at home here in Vancouver with our first ‘real’ Christmas tree (shout out to my local Beavers, Cubs and Scouts’ Christmas tree drive).

I’ve learned a lot this year – both as a new dad and as a new author. In fact, as crazy as it may sound, I think there’s a strong connection between the two. Think of it this way: from the moment you get home from the hospital (or start your very first manuscript), your baby (and your baby) relies on you 100% in order to make it. If you don’t care for it, feed it, change it, or encourage it to get stronger, well… you can fill in the rest. The amount of love I have for my son is unbounded. And, similarly, but in a different kind of way, I love the craft of storytelling and put a gigantic amount of effort into becoming a better author with each book I write.

That’s really it. I just thought I’d share how thankful I am for 2013 and what’s been going through my head as I look to flipping the next page of the calendar (I don’t really have one anymore… the one with pages, at least) and the needles of my first real, and quickly becoming “less-alive”, Christmas tree rain down on my dog sleeping beneath it.

Oh… and one more thing:


Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 9.28.35 PM


The third and final book in The Rithhek Cage Trilogy is underway!

Happy New Year, everyone :)


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