Paperback for Cloudstone is here!

I’ve had a lot of requests for a ‘physical’ book – some of my readers don’t have e-readers and/or prefer the look and feel of a book.  And I’ve listened to those requests.

As of today, you now can actually turn the pages! Click on the image of the book below to grab yourself a copy…


Makes an excellent stocking stuffer at 6″x9″ … just sayin’ :)

Disclaimer: the cover depicted above is not an exact likeness of the actual cover (which you can preview on Amazon before you purchase).

Happy Thanksgiving is right!

I know, I know… I’m Canadian.  And we Canadians already celebrated Thanksgiving back in October. I’m giving thanks anyway!

Why?  Because The Cloudstone Key cracked into’s Best Seller List – Top 100 in the Kindle store for Teen & Young Adult Coming of Age Fantasy eBooks today!

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 2.52.36 PMScreen Shot 2013-11-28 at 3.06.09 PM

A small accomplishment, but it means the world to me as The Cloudstone Key gets into more and more readers’ hands – regardless of country… or turkey dinner.

Woo hoo!

The Cloudstone Key giveaway

I’m publishing the second book of The Rithhek Cage Trilogy (The Peregrine Prophecy) in December 2013 and to celebrate, I’m giving away two signed copies of the first book (The Cloudstone Key).  Crazy times!

UPDATE (December 4, 2013):

The giveaway has been closed… over 1,500 signed up.  Wow!  Congrats to the winners in Denmark and Virginia :)

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 11.40.31 PM


The Cloudstone Key cover gets recognized…

A little while back I submitted The Cloudstone Key cover to AUTHORSdb for their 2013 Book Cover Contest.  Well guess what?




I found out recently that it made the semi-finals for Science Fiction & Fantasy (you can click on the badge above to see who I’m up against)!  Voting will commence on November 23rd and end December 15th, 2013. I hope you stop by and give a click or two – would really appreciate it :)

How cool would that be if it won?  Fingers crossed!


Get the book… for free!

It’s time that you guys got to turn some actual pages!  And better yet… do it for free :)

December 1 marks the three month anniversary of The Cloudstone Key being published as an ebook on Amazon, iTunes and Kobo.  It is also the date which The Cloudstone Key will be made available for purchase in paperback form through Createspace.  So to celebrate, I thought, hey, why not give a few copies away? (see the fancy little graphic below – don’t click the button… yet!)

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Cloudstone Key by Darren T. Patrick

The Cloudstone Key

by Darren T. Patrick

Giveaway ends December 04, 2013.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

Beginning November 20 (which is when you can click the button) and running to December 4, I’ll be offering up two (signed) paperback copies of The Cloudstone Key through a Goodreads giveaway! For free!

December is also an important month as the second book in the trilogy – The Peregrine Prophecy – will be published as an ebook on Amazon, iTunes and kobo [paperback copies to follow probably after Christmas… and another giveaway!]

I hope you’ll mark the date and enter the contest!


ps – it doesn’t matter where you live… so sign up if you like!

Flying high

Well… it’s done!  And I’m SUPER pumped.

DRAFT 1 of The Peregrine Prophecy (Book Two of The Rithhek Cage Trilogy) is complete!  Coming in north of 90,000 words — well over twice the length of The Cloudstone Key —  it packs a solid punch. Karsen’s journey takes some interesting twists in The Peregrine Prophecy and if you’ve had a look at A Reader’s Guide to Tholann, I think you’re in for a treat. I’m not saying any more… you’re going to have to read it to find out.

Speaking of which, after my beta readers tell me what they think (and they are very good at doing that) the manuscript will leap over onto my editor’s desk and the two of us will have some fun tweaking it further. You can expect a late November 2013 release on Amazon, iTunes and Kobo.  [side note: I’m going to be making physical copies available for The Cloudstone Key and The Peregrine Prophecy as well]

In the meantime, stay tuned for the final cover design in early November. I’m excited to see what Eamon does with my notes and horrible sketches!


One month…

Yesterday marked the one month anniversary of The Cloudstone Key’s release and I’m thrilled with the results thus far:  8 reviews on Amazon on Goodreads averaging 4/5 stars and a handful of author interviews, like this one with Erica over at Fantasybooklane.  I’m not setting any sales records, I’m sure, but I can tell you one thing – it’s an amazing feeling to have others like what you’ve put out there!

In terms of what’s next… I’ve recently expanded the scope for book two in The Rithhek Cage trilogy (The Peregrine Prophecy) to 90,000 words – more than twice the length of The Cloudstone Key – and am working hard to stick to its November 2013 release.

Thanks to all who have downloaded The Cloudstone Key (and A Reader’s Guide to Tholann), whether it be through Amazon, Kobo or iTunes.  I hope you’re enjoying the ride thus far — wait until you see what’s coming up ;)

Get the Guide!

Readers Guide to Tholann CoverAs of this morning, “A Reader’s Guide to Tholann” is now available as a free download here!

It’s a brief, but thorough, compendium to The Cloudstone Key which I hope will bring the world of Tholann to life (off the page) for you.


The Cloudstone Key is now on iTunes!

The Cloudstone Key (Book One of The Rithhek Cage Trilogy)Yay!  Today I found out that The Cloudstone Key went live on iTunes through the iBookstore!  It may have taken a long time to get through – have been on Amazon and Kobo since the beginning of September – but it was worth it!

If you’re interested in downloading The Cloudstone Key for reading on your iPad or iPhone, just click on the picture of the book to the right —>


A Reader’s Guide to Tholann… FREE!

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 10.58.18 PMHey everyone… just a brief update. Very shortly, I’m going to be releasing a (brief) ‘Reader’s Guide to Tholann’ FREE here on my website in order to bring Tholann to life. I think it’ll really help connect readers to the world that The Rithhek Cage trilogy is set in.

It’ll be a living document as the trilogy continues, but the primary focus will be on detailed ‘Settlement’ snapshots (like Aystin, the Silanokitt Forest, Blenham, etc) that dive deep into the regional characteristics, unique items and people.

Tholann is a vast world, full of interesting people and places and it’s my hope that you’ll find it useful, engaging and worthy of sharing with others who might be interested in reading my work.

I’ve included a snapshot of one of the pages to the right…

Stay tuned :)