Snap it. Mark it.

With Christmas just around the corner, I’m feeling like giving away some gifts!

So… here’s the deal.  Take a picture [“snap it”] of you holding/reading a copy of either The Cloudstone Key or The Peregrine Prophecy (ebook or paperback) and post it in the comment section (or email me at darren [dot] patrick [at] me [dot] com), and I will send you a Rithhek Cage bookmark [“mark it”]!  See the shiny new bookmarks below:


Rithhek Cage Bookmark


I’m not quite sure how one uses a physical bookmark in an ebook, but I trust you’ll make sure it finds a good home between some physical pages. To those with physical copies of either of the books, well… that’s pretty straightforward.

I’ve got a 10 bookmarks to give away and it’ll be first snapped, first served.

ps – it doesn’t matter where you live on the planet.  You’ll get your bookmark.  Damn straight!


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